The artist and her workLAURA COLE has travelled extensively, both throughout her own country of Australia and overseas, including Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and parts of the Pacific. She has been white water rafting down the Zambesi, seen the 'midnight sun' in Iceland, cruised down the Nile, ridden her own motorbike through France and walked on the Great Wall of China.

Laura has chatted with Agatha Christie, painted every lighthouse in Western Australia, seen the Pope and Queen Mother, kissed the Blarney Stone, travelled overland from England to India, climbed the Temple of the Sun in Mexico and Uluru in central Australia, sat in the cave where St John the Apostle wrote the book of Revelations on the Greek Island of Patmos, and sipped in the world's most southern pub on Stewart Island at the bottom of New Zealand.

A prolific painter with a bold and colourful style, Laura's former experience as an art teacher of more than 20 years has provided a familiarity with, and competence in, many styles, techniques and mediums; she chooses whichever best suits the work in hand. The Artist regularly exhibits in Western Australia, where she also paints in her own home studios.

At other times, Laura loves 'going bush' to paint, particularly in the red-dust-and-blue-sky of the Western Australian north. The Artist has a 4-wheel-drive van, which carries a variety of fold-up furniture, umbrellas and awnings that adapt to whatever situation. This includes being able to work while sitting inside the van, which gives an excellent view, protection from the sun & wind .... and the snakes can't get in!!!!!

The artist in the fieldThe Artist has won numerous art prizes and awards over the years, and sometimes judges art competitions, speaks at breakfast/dinner meetings or gives visual presentations of her work.

Teacher's Certificate (Art) 1970
Associateship in Art Teaching 1978
Bachelor Of Education (Art) 1983

Australian Nationality & British Citizenship (both passports)